With a sweet, nutty and tangent flavour, Palaks are green leafy vegetables that are succulent and spoon shaped.

Palak contains low fat and cholesterol, but a good amount of fiber. They lower the risk of cancer and the occurrence of asthma.  It improves the blood glucose levels in people suffering from diabetes and also improves skin and bone health. Cooked palaks help in absorption of essential minerals in the body.

Storage and Uses
Store Palak leaves in the plastic bag in dry condition in refrigerator.
Palaks are used in daal, various indian dishes, parathas.  They can be boiled and added to salads, pastas, soups or fried and used curries as well.

Shelf Life
Recommended to be consumed within 2-3 days from the date of purchased, if stored properly in refrigerator.

Variable Weight Policy
Fruits & Vegetables are considered to be variable in size and weight and the final bill will be based on the exact weight at the time of packaging and can vary up to 10%. However our handpicked packaging efforts remain focused to package exact weight you have ordered.

Product Image Disclaimer
Image shown here is a representational view only and the actual product may slightly vary from in color or size, however our effort remains focused to maintain accuracy of all the information displayed.

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