Terms & Conditions

  • Offer is applicable only on First Order of Fruits & Vegetables of Rs. 500 or More
  • The account will be credited within 24 hours after delivery of the First Order
  • The credit will be in the form points.
  • The value of a Point is equal to One Rupee ( 1 Point = 1 Rupee)
  • User will be able to redeem the points in their subsequent order(s) on KITCHEN’S NEED
  • The Points will be redeemed only for Fruits & Vegetables order
  • The Maximum points can be redeemed up to 10% of the order value of fruits & Vegetables only.
  • The user will be getting instant cash discount upon redemption of the points
  • The points can be utilized within 6 Months from the date for First Order Delivery date
  • The points will be expired after 6 months from the date fo first order delivery date
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